MTS Outright Bar

MTS Outright Bar


Well, my gym got a few of these bars in today so I tried the peanut butter chocolate bar. I admit it was the best tasting bar I have had but I would not buy a case of these. They weren’t that good…LOL I would still rather eat beef jerky or cheese for a quick protein snack.


make your own jerky or meat sticks, way way way cheaper…


I"m working on my 3rd order of the Oatmeal PB Choc Chip. I absolutely love them. (Not that you asked)


‘Bruh…just kill a deer strip it down into strips and eat it after grilling for 5 minutes each side’…


So these are good - but not very filling. Ate mine in 4-5 bites. Whoops - there goes 270 calories and 12g of fat!

Haha. They are very unique and I enjoyed eating it.


u need pocket meat brah


WickedCutz is pretty legit.


Is that the competitor to SuperCuts?