MTHD Halloween Special - 31% OFF SITEWIDE!

MTHD Halloween Special - 31% OFF SITEWIDE!


RIP to brain fog, low-energy days, and sleepless nights! 31% OFF SITEWIDE with code “MTHD31” at

Add “priceplow” to the order notes for a free shaker!


For anyone who hasn’t tried it, Defrag is an incredible sleep aid! Mainframe is a legit nootropic as well!


Have you tried the Nootropic? Asking for a friend of course.


I have, and it’s insanely good. Highly recommend


Thank you Anthony


Yes - it is fantastic!


Well that’s cool!



I’m not seeing the 31% off and the PricePlow code isn’t working.

Could be user error.


Apologies, use code MTHD31


Thank you.