MegaPre now has ElevATP

I’m not personally on Instagram but did see a post from Primeval that they re-formulated MegaPre and replaced D Ribose with ElevATP… Looks like they updated coloring and flavor as well.

Once this is out we’ll need to update our post!

I sent a note to them asking if it is out

Wonder if they’ll do this for their other ribose-containing products

They said everything in stock is the new formula

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Thank you NN. I’m a fan of MegaPre and loved having ElevATP in Ruckus…may have to give it a run…


Yeah it’s in stock at their site, not yet updated at the retailers. Will wait a bit to update our post.

CJ has a tub on his way. He likes to stack stim free stuff with Nootropimax lately.

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First of all CJ and Stim free???

Second that would be a great stack / really like both of those products.

Also I like to stack Onnit Shroom Tech Sport with Mega Pre


I love the current Mega Pre so I can only imagine this next run. I do agree on the flavor though, it just needs a little tweaking


MegaPre has made me a believer in non-stims. Really good product

Agreed. I do mix it with a stim preworkout on occasion

Onnit Shroom Tech Sport or Nootropimax are great for that

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Ugh…looks like Primeval MegaPre is sold out on their site…Still have some of the old formula left thankfully.

To say Primeval improved the look of the new formula would be an understatement


You going to review it?

I loved the old formula. I’ll be using the new Formula today…stay tuned.

The flavor has definitely changed…It’s a light light Pineapple Mango flavor…tastes ‘natural’ if you will.

Folks…this is a really good product. If you are going stim-free this is definitely the way to go. The one thing I like the best is the focus. I think we are accustomed to that stim/focus feeling…but this is more of a ‘ok I’m here now let’s get this done’. Stacked with IntraCell and I believe you have a really good combination.

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Other than the taste, no difference in performance vs original?

No none at all…

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