Mega Pre RED: Primeval Revamps Their Stim-Based Pre-Workout!

Mega Pre RED: Primeval Revamps Their Stim-Based Pre-Workout!

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Primeval Labs has always had the great quality of staying up to date with the times. They re-invent, re-formulate, and create new products to stay ahead of the game in the constantly changing world of supplements. Their newest addition to the Mega Pre line, Mega Pre Red, is a prime… …(Read more on the PricePlow Blog)

Check it out @SteelerBill13

Thank you @Anthony just read the review. High stim gives me pause / the rest looks really promising

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if ingredients in a preworkout are being removed for taste, just lol


The people want taste. And a lot of stims apparently (see the energy drink market). Personally I’d like performance…


the GNC shoppers, or casual supplement user care way more about taste, than profile, or performance of a preworkout.

in this day and age, no supplements should taste bad, no matter what ingredients are being used


I will say this
MP Red hits right away and provides great energy (even at 1 scoop)
I pair it with 1 scoop of Vasoblitz to give extra pump/performance benefits since it would leave a lot of the raw actives under dosed.

The energy and focus is very solid even though the formula does not look promising on paper. It is one of those pre’s I went into thinking meh… but it really gives you a great kick in the ass especially if you train first thing in the morning and have trouble to get going.


i liked Black alot…

The company did not enjoy the Norvaline (hence the removal).
I take it you respond well to Dynamine and hated to see it go?

hard to say tbh… it is not something i tested a run of a product with straight thru… i mixed in Mega Black here and there, my work schedule been so insane, i really been, mix and matching preworkouts (stim levels) to coincide with my day-to-day life


Figured you’d appreciate that section

I appreciate how they jumped all over the L-Norvaline issue.

I just can’t do that high of stims anymore.

Used MFit Havoc yesterday and really liked it.

For both I love the inclusion of APGC

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without looking, thought the dose was low on it in Havoc


IIRC it is around 600mg as a good dose. Havoc was 250mg

This is good to know. I will really miss Mega Pre Black, but if energy/focus are strong with this one, it does sound like a good 1 scoop MPR + 1 scoop Vasoblitz type deal. Hmm…

True but it works for me…Plus I take AlphaBrain

Saying one ingredient at a half dose works does not always = correct
You may be respodning well to the synergy of all the other ingredien for energy and focus, not alpha GPC at a half dose.

Plus if you are stacking something else (for extra energy/focus) then its really impossible to know how well havoc works as a standalone. If you really want to know how well a sample or product works on its own. Take it solo, and keep all other factors as close to identical as possible (water, food, sodium etc…) not always ideal or possible. But when its in a controlled enviroment that rules out other aspects (stacking products, lack of sleep, higher stress, lack of calories, dehydrated etc…)

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Oh I know but when it’s included I respond well to it.

Also lost n-methyl tyramime. This whole package is a downgrade for me