Meals Eating Now

Meals Eating Now


Yeah fair enough, #NotAllDiners.

Just speaking my experience tbh


Varies depending on pride in yourself and your business


Ive seen some places and how they are run and its absolutely horrendous.
Ive managed for 10 years in the food industry, and some places they use good quality, and some places not so much. Thats why its important to always do your research. Even a regular applebees (Chain’s) you can see a lot of shady things, that is why I avoid them like the plaque when eating out. I rather pay a few more bucks to go to a nicer place and get a better meal with better and higher quality ingredients.


June S&S Chef Collab Reviews

:boom:Duck Crackling with Cherry Preserves: (Grade: B+)

:point_right:Full Review Here:

:boom:Tokyo PB&J (Grade: F)

:point_right:Full Review Here:

:boom:Jeweled Brown butter Rice Gelato (Grade: B+)

:point_right:Full Review Here:

:boom:Roasted Beets & Hamoboldt Fog: (Grade: C)

:point_right:Full Review Here:

:boom:Ras el Hanout & Pickled Rose Petal Jam (Grade: B-)

:point_right:Full Review Here:


I understand the desire to be different and innovative, but I’m so over Salt and Straw’s faux-foodie bullshit. Half of their recipes at this point are just “ice cream plus some disgusting shit.” I’ve seen them make ice cream with spent/rotten brewer’s grain, kimchi, barbecue sauce and baked beans, turkey cold cuts, and more. Fuck off with that. If I could post a picture of me flipping off their local office, which I can see from my desk, without doxing myself, I would.

Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk.


Sure you may be over it, but their sales are still the best in America for a micro-creamery. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. No other company has does a chef collaboration besides Salt & Straw. You can always go to the grocery store and buy mass produced low grade Ben & Jerries if that floats your boat, it just comes down to how much you prioritize on the quality of the product you want to buy.

S&S Still makes some of the best flavors depending on the month that are always worthy of a buy. For Example
great candycopia’s
Chocolate Carmel Potato Chip Cupcake
Sweet Potato Casserole
Salted Caramel Cupcake
Gingerbread Cookie Dough
Apple Brandy and Pecan Pie
Caramel Animal Cracker
Fioe Gras Oatmeal Cream Pie
Rainforest Mist
Sauve PB&J
Happy Birthday Elvis
Almond Brittle and Salted Ganache
Birthday Cake & Blackberries
Petunia Peach Crumble (Vegan)

While everyone likes different things, to me I could rescoop these in a heartbeat and never get sick of them.
They are unique, innovative, and think outside the box with how they produce their items. Not to mention great customer service, and their quality is second to none with everything house made in the ice cream industry.


Not exactly a meal. But finally enjoying my pipe again since before I started my competition prep. Thunderstorms here plummeted the temperature, making it perfect to lounge outside this afternoon.


Man sometimes a good smoke and nice weather/good temp is all you need to unwind


Double Chocolate No Bake Cookies:

Birthday Cake:

Peace Love & Little Donuts:

Torerro’s Mexican Fajita Sampler:

Southern Blackened Burgers & Cajun French Fries

Ben & Jerry’s Chubby Hubby:




Oakmont Bakery (Oakmont, PA)

Bistro 26:
Steak & Mashed Potatoes:

Shrimp & Steak Jambalaya:

Homemade Primanti’s Sandwiches

Graeter’s Cheesecake Cookies & Cream:


Limited Edition Chocolate Glazed Donuts (Krispy Kreme):

Noosa (North East, PA)

Salt & Straw Almond Brittle & Salted Ganahce:


Lucky bugger, closest Krispy Kreme to me down near Pittsburgh is an hour drive away


National chocolate day was July 7th those are long gone. And KK is a chain their mediocre

You can get 30x better donuts at oakmont and Prantl’s in Pittsburgh


Food from NOOSA looks amazing


Same owner owns 3 places around Erie , north east and in NY

This is from 1201 kitchen closer to me


Rocky Road Trip Oreo’s:

Rocky Road Trip Sweet Cream Cookies:

Trader Joe’s Inside Out Carrot Cake Cookies

McGarrey’s Oakwood Cafe:

Graeter’s Maple Cinnamon Crunch:


Egg Fritatta Muffins:

Homemade General Tso’s Chicken:

Pumpkin Cake:

Pittsburgh Inn (Erie, PA):

Graeter’s S’mores:


Erie Greek Fest:

Graeter’s Banana Cream Pie:


Trader Joe’s Neopolitan Joe-Joe’s:

Cookies & Scream M&M’s:

Pumpkin Spice Cheerios:

Bacon, Egg, Ham, & Cheese Waffle Sandwich:

Kitchen Sink Burger & SP Waffle Fries:

Handel’s Twixter: