March Madness 2017 – The 3rd Annual March SUPPness is Back!

It’s back! PricePlow is once again running a March Madness bracket challenge, known as March SUPPNESS 2017! After last year’s big win by Muskrat394, who scored better than 99.5% of the entire world, it’s time to re-test your bracket skills and see if you will be crowned next King — …
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Brian44241 1

Brian44241 1

arigivony 2

PricePlow bracket is in!

Had to take someone other than UK... and I'm counting on a strong showing from the state of IOWA on this one.

Note: PricePlow employees and contractors are not allowed to win first or second prize. I am not allowed to win anything

My bracket name is Scot Price

Bracket is: dm8625 1

Ready to go

Bracket name = PBlancett 1

Bracket name: 1000 lb bracket


The Cardiac Kidz

I'm in - felonious capers

my bracket name is jackbenbaruch1


bracket name= mezzano27 1

Bracket name SammyDaBoss

My Bracket name Usaintl1

Bracket name young_win

Bracket name is andiaqua1

Bracket name is This $ goin to my mancave

Bracket Name:
chazter6 4