Magnum Nutraceuticals Candy Cola Bottles Tastes Terrible!

Magnum Nutraceuticals Candy Cola Bottles Tastes Terrible!


I was so disappointed this morning when I tried this new pre workout, Magnum’s Candy Cola Bottles. Tasted NOTHING like cola! I had a good workout from it but the taste is bad. How can these companies claim something tastes like something when its not even close ? I don’t think they put one drop of cola flavor in it. Tasted closer to licorice than anything. I don’t know who tastes tests a lot of supplements but their taste buds must not be working. Chalk another supplement up to not living up to the hype. I will not buy again. So, save your money on this one.


well they are based on the gummies and not the soda itself, they were a bit tart and not very coke like as i recall.


The gummies are delicious. I love them. They actually have cola flavor. This pre workout has none! I am tired of these supps claiming flavors that arent even close…It’s frustrating.


i need to retry the gummies lol


The gummies taste pretty close to Dr. Pepper.


Who buys a pre workout for taste?


Ummm, I do. I want it to not only be effective but taste good. With flavoring systems out now, there is no reason a product can’t taste like the flavor its intended to.


I agree. No reason at all a product can’t be well dosed and have a good taste. For a product to have a bad taste is kinda ridiculous at this point. You should be able to expect effective well dosed products along with quality flavor for sure.