Lipodrene ELITE: Say Hello to the Fat Burner with COCA Leaves

Lipodrene ELITE: Say Hello to the Fat Burner with COCA Leaves


Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Lipodrene has long been known as one of the most popular and effective fat loss agents around — there’s a reason it’s our top rated fat burner on PricePlow! Over the years, Hi-Tech has expanded upon its flagship ephedra-based fat burner with the even more extreme Lipodrene Hardcore …
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hey Mike If ya'll want to send a sample I'll be glad to be a guinea pig for this Supp lol


Get in line!! Nobody's got any yet though, it's not shipping to any stores until May 15th. Stay tuned!


Looking on the label there is no mathematical possibility for dmaa to be at 65 mg


I've noticed several Hi-Tech products list ingredients "out of order", that is, they should be written most to least (I assume this is what denis is referring to). I'm not sure the reasoning behind it, nor how they get away with it. Just look at any of their ephedra fat burners. Ephedra always leads off the ingredient lists, but it's always 25mg, many following ingredients are higher. Any ideas about this?


I hope this doesn't lead to Coca leaf tea becoming banned. Such a useless ingredient to put in a fatburnerl since the actives are destroyed in the stomach (the reason coca leaf is used like chewing/dip/snuff tobacco with alkalizing salts).& even if absorbed via the gums the effects are very short lived.

It would be much more cost effective to just purchase some Methylsynephrine hcl, DMAA or DMHA & caffeine then just grow some Coca or purchase the dry leaves in bulk. Coca leaf is quite relaxing, not much use as a fatburner. BMPEA is extremely cheap to buy in bulk also.


Im curious about this fat burner. Waiting to see reviews though.


Will this have any affects on drug tests?


I got tested and it will be on YouTube soon - but suffice to say NO, it did not for me at least.

Here's a results picture posted to Facebook (I took it both 16hrs and 90 minutes prior to testing):


PricePlow, as far as weight loss goes, how would you rate Elite to the original Lipodrene. Which is the superior thermogenic ingredient, coca leaf or ephedra?


Hmmm. This is all going by feel, but the PEA content feels far stronger in the OG Lipodrene. But there's less DMAA and less caffeine. Ephedra is simply green tea extract at this point once you remove the ephedrine, so I don't even think it's THAT relevant to the weight loss equation.

I would honestly say that if you could handle 3 regular Lipodrenes in one day (provides 300mg caffeine and 70mg DMAA), it'd probably do more for weight loss and appetite suppression than two Lipodrene Elites (provides 300mg caffeine and 130mg DMAA).

BUT... I can't handle 3 Lipodrenes in a day. I'd be off a cliff. Some people like that feel. Lipodrene Elite is just so much more enjoyable.


Just for you!!:


This supplement leaves me very depressed by days end. What could be causing that?


Seems the senegalia berlandieri version is back in stock.
Any opinions on it?

Also random thing I bought a bottle of the normal lipo a while back and the capsules have a terrible plasticy smell/taste to them, why is that?