Laxogenin: Can a Plant Steroid Safely Boost Strength?

Laxogenin: Can a Plant Steroid Safely Boost Strength?
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#fancybox-close{right:-15px;top:-15px} div#fancybox-content{border-color:#FFFFFF} div#fancybox-title{background-color:#FFFFFF} div#fancybox-outer{background-color:#FFFFFF} div#fancybox-title-inside{color:#333333} 5-Alpha-Hydroxy-Laxogenin (Laxogenin) is a natural anabolic supplement derived from plants that’s been sold for years with mixed success by supplement companies, yet only recently by any that we trust with third-party lab tests. Despite the incredible potential, Laxogenin hasn’t gained popularity for reasons we’ll address …
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Coming off of two elbow surgeries and rotator cuff surgery over the last few years I tried laxogen @100mg along with an additional 100mg of protein from musclemilk graham cracker (the best tasting protein ever) and my elbow and shoulder pain was reduced significantly. The only downside is the cost @ 100mg per day for 8 weeks. My creatine choice at the time was green magnitude by controlled labs.