Labgrade pre-workout finally shipped

Labgrade pre-workout finally shipped


Hey everyone so after the long wait and many delays I finally shipped out my first few products.

I thank you all so much for the love and support and hope this will be as much of a Christmas present for you all as much as it is to me.

A dream that has come true.

I hope to spread as much CORRECT information as possible, and to help as many people as I can.

Thank you all again and for those of you who ordered please email me with reviews/thoughts.

Much love,



Congrats! :+1:


Happy things are falling into place now!


I have mine and have been using for a few days. I love the product. I’ve been getting great workouts and feel great. This product has exceeded my expectations. Great job Robert!!


Anyone get their order yet?


Hey there Mss!

Quite a few people got it and are loving it!

Did you fully pay the rest off of your pre order if you ordered one?


Haven’t got mine Order #771


Really? Let me check


Yes Matt, you still have a remaining fee to be paid

You had only paid the 24.99 for the pre order


I don’t see an option to pay anything else, it shows completed


“Check’s in the mail!”