Kaged Muscle Pre-Kaged buy 2 get 1

Anyone biting on these buy 2 get one free deals? I’m telling myself I don’t need anymore pre workouts


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lol sure ya don’t!!

That’s not a thing. Everyone needs preworkouts.


Lol, you guys are no help

I’ve got about a year and a half worth of PWO stockpiled as of right now. Still not enough

Pre-Kaged remains one of my favorite pres, though with my current caffeine tolerance, it’s not one that really kicks my ass into gear.

Outdated profile and has some unnecessary ingredients

Isn’t this the one that has leucine under muscle fuel and anabolic or something? In two different amounts. That always threw me off.

I think its just listing it like.
X grams as a part of the bcaas.
X additional grams for the performance benefit.

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True, all-in-all, 4.75g of L-Leucine

Yeah that’s what I assumed. It just seems weird. It’s like he’s trying to say this leucine will fuel muscles and that leucine will build muscle. It’s all leucine, why not list it together?