Juggernaut Nutrition Irate Extreme | Train Like the Juggernaut You Are

Juggernaut Nutrition Irate Extreme | Train Like the Juggernaut You Are

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A hard lifter’s dream! Juggernaut Nutrition Irate Extreme gets the job done and beyond – even for the biggest of liftersIf there is one thing we are no stranger to here on PricePlow, it’s a good hardcore pre workout, and boy do we have something special for you from the… …(Read more on the PricePlow Blog)


For anyone who cares, this is a solid pre to get you jacked for training. It packs the mental edge punch. Pump effect is great too, but because I respond so well to nitrates, anything without them leaves me less than satisfied in the pump department.

Solid pre for anyone who wants to feel jacked-up when they walk into the gym.


This supplement has two ingredients that are not allowed in dietary supplements, DMHA and Caffeine Citrate, and 3 to 4 more of questionable safety and legality. How can you recommend a product like this?


Those are both legal, friend. You seem a bit mixed up.

Too much L-norvaline maybe.


Neither one is illegal? Are you big brother? Didn’t think so


Hey Bert, might want to check up on those claims.


Hahaha made my day


I have a weird suspicion we have quite a few sleeper profiles here in the forum…anyway we can moderate this a little more @Mike? Before it becomes an issue? Just thinking proactively here lol


We def do… first post in almost a year and they are always to criticize something.


I like the trolls… they add entertainment

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Who doesn’t love these guys??

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I’ll make a monthly trol account to spice up your life.


Any reviews here? Does it give a big crash?

Thought of stacking it with Celluvol.