John Meadows SIRs Podcast Premier

Alright Hi Everybody, wanted to give you a heads up

Unfortunately, Friday’s podcast with John Meadows was unable to be livestreamed due to technical difficulties.

Fortunately, we’ll be able to simulate it but "Premier"ing it on YouTube tomorrow night and we can all live watch and chat just like the normal live chat.

This podcast spans everything from John’s career (both in banking and bodybuilding) to his supplement industry experience (manufacturing, formulating, drama, being fucked over by old sponsors…) all the way to his stance on PEDs/drugs. It finishes off with some really introspective comments from him on balancing the lifestyle with family and what he’s learned over the years…Bonus points for relating all of these lessons to what Antifa exists and maybe John’s run for office soon.

I’d love for you guys to watch along and chat with us, we’ll be in the chat room laughing with you guys.