Jim Stoppani SUED by Bodybuilding.com, Case Now Settled!

MAJOR UPDATE: This lawsuit was settled at the end of May 2017, and Jim Stoppani is coming back to Bodybuilding.com to produce content — although it seems like JYM products will remain available at Amazon and GNC. We’ll update with more details when available. If you thought the ongoing Jim …
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Jim Stoppani SUED by Bodybuilding.com, Case Now Settled!

THANK YOU for finally shedding light to the public with this! I have been saying this for years. Jym has been manufactured and distributed exclusively by its majority owner none other than bodybuilding.com which has pivoted its entire business platform to lean heavier in its exclusive offerings. Jim stoppani is merely the celebrity athlete namesake that provides marketing content for jym supplement science. He does not control the development, raw material procurement, manufacturing or dostribution. Only the marketing! Ever wonder why you never see jym sold anywhere else?! Because it's owned by bb.com! This whole "jym army" is nonsense. You have been overpaying a 30% price increase on double doses of everyday common products! Ever wonder why there is a huge scoop and and low serving size in jym pre? Cause it's simply two servings of most common dosings of comparable pre workouts at a 30% price increase per serving. thank you for finally shedding light on this. I have been waiting for an authority to write on this for 3 years now.

You are a moron... You think Dr. Stoppani, world renowned expert, didn't formulate his own products? He only has been writing about whats in his products for more than a decade now at M&F. A celebrity athlete? I think you are mistaking a real scientist with other people in this industry bud. Do yourself a favor and educate yourself and realize that the supplement industry is a shit show.

Dude have you read the lawsuit docs? Jim is a good trainer and has great programs but the Jym brand was/is a sham. It's the bb.com house brand... Read up on it. We were all mislead. I'm done with bb.com and stoppani... His credibility is shot.

Where can i see those docs bud? That's crazy

This is all wrong. "Formal registration doesn't matter" in the case of first use trademarks. Neither party will win the rights to "Jym" because its a word mark first of all and has the pseudomark of "gym" which cannon be trademarked. The design of "Jym" doest matter, its pronounced "gym." Sounds and words take president over design marks. Stopanni owns the rights to "Jym supplement science" and has for years but anyone can legally slap "Jym" on any container and nothing can be done about it. In any font type.

Bodybuilding.com doesnt own "jym supplement science" mark. Its already registered to Jim's company.

Often people this federal registration or an actual logo makes a mark "owned by someone" or unique. It doesnt. Who ever wrote this and both parties need to go back and read and learn the Act governing tradmarks.

Im 100% sure im correct

- Charles "Chuck Diesel" Curry.

Here is some input I would trust. This man is another force in the business of honest and better-for-the-body supplements. Thanks for Dieselade, Chuck. It's an excellent product. (I'm saywutrly on AM forum)

If we can't trust Mr. Stoppani...who the effff can we trust in the supplement industry? :( I've been an avid follower of Jim's for the past 4-5yrs.

You can see the docs right on priceplow.com. They have them all listed including the affidavit from the actual creater of the Jym supplement line, and it isn't Stoppani.