Jerry Ward VS Layne Norton | PricePlow Daily Vlog #4

Jerry Ward VS Layne Norton | PricePlow Daily Vlog #4



Yeah, I saw this video. I plan to do a rant on Jerry Ward on my channel when I get home from work. Jerry has officially lost it! He is a complete tool. Layne Norton has forgotten more about training and nutrition than Jerry will ever know. I am pissed!!! Sorry for the language @Mike


LOL you can say anything you want here my man. As long as it doesn’t break the law :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m a bit behind on the dramas and even this forum. A few bad days derails me bad. Will catch up and maybe weigh in myself, if anyone cares


Layne is a huge tool, but Jerry consistently manages to be even huger. At least Layne has some idea of what he’s talking about, douche or no.



I like how Jerry complained about how Layne Norton talks about “studies this and studies that”. Like, yeah research doesn’t mean anything. As the second video I’ve seen of Jerry, I have no clue how anyone takes him seriously. This is embarrassing.


I smell fake drama for views, likes and subs