Jay Cutler Nutrition Total Protein - 2.25 Lbs. - $11.98 at Muscle and Strength!

Jay Cutler Total Protein 2.25 Lbs. for $11.98 at Muscle & Strength!

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This is a good “back-up” protein. It’s inexpensive, and is nice when you’re low on cash and can’t afford any higher quality protein.Took me forever to go through 2 of the bigger tubs, and the flavors are all pretty good.

Daaaaang that’s one helluva deal!!!

Decent flavors all around, best is strawberry grahm, its low quality though, 80mg cholesterol, the isolate is still 30 mg one of the highest I know.

Darn, I missed out on that deal. They are sold out already…LOL