Issn conference 2021 | research reviewed pp vlog

Great information here.

  • The dieting study where people diet 7 days a week compared to 5 days a week with 2 refeeds was pretty common. Most people don’t realize that improving letpin, t3, and hormonal levels can increase fatloss and raise metabolism for brief periods of time.

  • 600mg of caffeine for a 220lb athlete is considered safe too. I am sure the stim heads will love that.

  • NSAIDS can lower hypertrophy and slow down speed of recovery

  • 3.2g leucine on HIIT and little to no improvement found in performance / recovery

  • 25/50/75g carbs intra-workout and amount of performance enhancement.

  • 75g saw a reduction of performance

  • 25/50g saw a slight improvement in performance

** Study switched to IV of carbs to performance and there was no improvement in performance
– Glycogen does not deplete enough to enhance performance

** Plant based protein information
– Short term (Plant Protein blend) are just as effective as whey

Intermittent Fasting has no enhancement to fatloss or muscle gain outside of establishing a deficit

  • It is a common tool to help eat in a window, but does not maximize muscle protein synthesis
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