IsoLIT - Primeval Labs Goes For Sheer TASTE in their Whey Isolate

Originally published at: Primeval Labs whey protein isolate, Isolit Is Here!

Did this new protein powder just get memed into existence? Seems like it!But this label is the real attention-getter. Primeval Labs‘s tear through 2018 continues, as the company just dropped its latest product, IsoLIT. Isolit is a whey protein isolate – a product Primeval fans have been eagerly waiting for,… …(Read more on the PricePlow Blog)

Corn Syrup solid as a sweetener and binder I assume. @Mike baby formulas in the US use corn syrup as well, hence why I’m paying and arm and a leg for the European brands

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I am not a fan of the aluminum but could care less about the corn syrup solids. Less than a gram of sugar in this product and corn syrup solids are wrongly grouped with high fructose corn syrup and the two are worlds apart.


Yea, would love to hear the thinking behind the aluminum. Not fan of any corn sugars

Myprotein is my go to protein for this exact reason, no corn syrup no metals please!

Yep. @Matt_Towson hates the corn syrup whereas I hate the aluminum in this one.

But which European formula are you using? We’re still breast-feeding, but the supplemental formula needs to be dairy-free. Opens up a horrible can of worms. Stuff like EleCare is basically an EAA with corn syrup solids.

Garbage from a garbage industry that turns kids into corn syrup crack addicts from day one. So sad.

Agreed here. If you’re training hard this is nothing to burn off. It’s not like a box of candy. Would still rather have zero but if taste is crazy good due to 1g extra, I’ve seen worse.

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What’s wrong with aluminum ? It’s a good light weight metal. LOL :slight_smile:

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