Introducing PricePlow's Virtual Shopping Cart (vCart)

Introducing PricePlow's Virtual Shopping Cart (vCart)


It’s nice to compare prices and find good deals on PricePlow, but when we buy supplements, we usually buy more than one product. That’s why we invented the vCart, short for Virtual Shopping Cart. How it Works This is a tool that essentially compares shopping carts for you. On the …
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When can we expect the new features where we can share our own stacks and have contests for best stack?


Thanks for posting. You can now create stacks and share them yourself on social media, but that's as far as that is right now. Good call-out on the contest thing though. That's something we kind of forgot about.

We shifted gears for a bit - The next new feature goes live Saturday - we're going to allow you to sign up for CUSTOM price drop alerts so that you can get monitored when a certain size/flavor hits a specific price. That's been a lot of work and hopefully our final tests go well so we can push it up this weekend!