Introducing METHOD

Introducing METHOD


Hey PricePlow Forum! We are Method Performance Supplements, and we are very excited to join you all here. We pride ourselves operating on the simple concept of being gimmick and BS free. We embrace all walks of life, and we aim to make products that anyone can utilize, no matter what their specialty. Whether it’s fitness, business pro’s, students, gamers, hunters, etc…we want to have you covered.

We are currently running PRE-SALE, and expect to begin shipping Dec 1. Currently we are offering the code MTHD-PRE for 10% off all pre-orders, and every pre-order also gets a shaker, keychain, wristband & sticker swag pack included for FREE.

You can also sign up for our newsletter to receive updates and be the first to know about anything cool going on with MTHD. There might even be some insider discounts thrown out from time to time :wink:

Please check out our website, give us a follow on IG @MethodPerformance, and feel free to offer feedback and suggestions.


I saw your stuff not too long ago and then forgot the name, had been trying to hunt you down again.

To be brutally honest, Hardwire and Mainframe don’t knock my socks off, formula-wise, but Defrag is a really nice formula at a pretty darn good price, when many sleep-aid supps go for $1.50-$2.00/serving.


Thanks for the feedback!

I agree, I really like Defrag, and feel like it’s one of the most solid sleep products available. Really like the Reishi mushroom in the mix too, as I personally am a fan of functional mushrooms(also like the Lion’s Mane in Mainframe).

Hardwire is designed as first and foremost a bit of an energy drink replacement. With the 2:1 caffeine:teacrine ratio, plus the AL-carn, huperzine, and tyrosine it definitely delivers in terms of a solid clean energy & focus powder product. Then you have the health benefits of the rest of the formula, such as bcaa, green tea, electrolytes, and antioxidants from the 5 superfruits. Plus @ $1.20/serving it beats out paying around $3 for an energy drink(which is typically carbonated caffeine, any extras are severely underdosed) or a $5 coffee for your morning jumpstart. Neither of those options has the added health benefits either.

I will say I must defend the Mainframe formula. In terms of what is currently available, what is an effective dose for the ingredients, and the variety of effective ingredients, I think it is one of the best nootropics on the market. The big plus I like about it is caffeine free. It works excellent standalone, but pairing it with a caffeine source works very well.

Thanks again for the feedback!!


Hey, welcome to the forum! Thanks for posting in the appropriate spot!

As an FYI, and this goes for any new/young brand, PricePlow can get you listed if you are ever sold at any retailer we work with. “Easy” ones with 3rd-party selling include Amazon/Jet/Walmart/eBay.

Just let me know and then we can get you on the main site.

Also, @Method_PS, I’ve made you a Method Performance group and flair’d you up!


Thanks Mike! Much appreciated and looking forward to growing with you here!

We will be doing some sample & product giveaways here in the very near future!


Going to look into your products, first ive heard of you guys as you are a new company! Welcome!


Thanks! Be sure to give us a follow on IG to be up to date on announcements, shoot us a DM with your info and we’ll get some samples out to you when they arrive!


Might wanna make that a bit more private, my man. :joy:


Party at TRusso’s house??


The whole forum I invited, haha


I meant to dm, lmao


Great news guys, product is in and shipping! I’m personally loving the Lime Colada Hardwire, taste is incredible!

Use MTHD10 at checkout for 10% off…ALSO, include “Price Plow Forum” in the notes section at checkout and we’ll toss a free shaker your way!