IntraCell7 Flavor suggestions

IntraCell7 Flavor suggestions

Gentlemen (term used loosely)…I love IntraCell7 Orange Sherbert for one. And I’m almost out and with A1 running their 2 for 1 sale I thought I might get one additional flavor. The ones I’m seeing are Rainbow Sherbert, Gummy Bear, and SmashBerry. Any experience with these flavors and thank you.

not this one

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This one

Orange sherbet

I love Smashberry personally!

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Is that a combo ‘berry’ flavor?

I may cry. Bob actually did not read my post…


I did read it but orange sherbet is my favorite
Primeval had a Bogo on their site for it yesterday and you can stack a 25% off code . Primeval is now B2G1 + 25% OFF, but if you wanna go with A1 then i would go with gummy bear and smash (i have a tub of smashberry at my house).

Would of been the better deal (They had it for 3 days) from direct earlier in the week

I did see that, but didn’t have time to jump on it.

Love love orange sherbert. Wasn’t sure if anything was close (for purposes of switching it up between the two)

I am huge orange sherbet fan in the regular EAA MAX and i like it in Intracell7 as well, but personally smashberry and gummy bear are good (if you ever had them in EAA MAX or Mega Pre White ((Smashberry))

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Yes, it’s just a generic “berry” mix up

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