InnovaPharm Pump Dirt: Glucose-Powered Pumps!

InnovaPharm Pump Dirt: Glucose-Powered Pumps!


Everyone loves a vein-gorging, skin-splitting pump when weight training (especially arm day)! As such, there’s an entire market of pre workout supplements specifically designed to maximize one’s pump, mostly with nitric oxide boosters that increase blood flow. Meanwhile, another popular market is the glucose disposal agent (GDA) / “nutrient partitioner” …
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I don't know, maybe this should be part of a post workout formula but not a stand alone product. I miss the days of complete preworkout formulas like Ultimate Orange.


I am hoping this NEW supplement category of GDA's really works and is not the standard over hyped marketing scam i.e. Laxogenin. This would be perfect for my bulking phase starting in July. Really excited about you guys giving this a full test run. I sincerly appreciate the work you do and want you to know I follow all of your recommendations for supplementation.