INFO - Nutrabio Born & Bred Promo

Born & Bred

It’s our 22nd Anniversary!

We’ve been doing this for 22 years now. We were born and bred with grit and this year we’re getting back to our roots. The best lesson we’ve learned over the years is that no one accomplishes anything great alone, so this year we want you to join us.

On Friday, June 22nd, join us for 60 Days Without Compromise: a 60 day challenge that pushes us all to fight to improve together.

To Enter
Pick up a stack for 22% off, hashtag #bornandbred, and rock your FREE T-shirt for a chance to win $5,000 and an ALL EXPENSES PAID trip to the 2018 MR. Olympia!

For Rules, visit


This is a very cool promo…That guy’s DL toward the end of the video hurt my back though.

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Thanks man, defiantly a HUGE prize!!!

That’s Ben (extrabeef) deadlifting the world! Crazy strong stuff!!!

Honestly great great video…EB definitely earned his nickname with that one…

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585 for a triple beltless. Video skipped to my last rep where I yanked it hard lol but back remained in a safe position


Definitely deserves an ‘attaboy’

Only 585?Was that your warmup? Lol

YIKES :see_no_evil::grimacing:

I assume he missed a 0.

Actually, yeah. lmao

The beltless part was actually an accident. Coach wouldn’t let me max out, so I took 585 for reps dead stop. As I was strapping into the bar someone yelled “Ben you’re not wearing your belt!”

I just went with it, made it pretty badass


They should use it in a video…oh wait…

Lol you bastard, very impressive brother

Our new 60 Day challenge - Born and Bred is an awesome challenge for everyone to try. we have 4 categories in that.

Best Transformation
Best Story
Best Personal Record
Most Fat Lose

You all should try this out! Let us know when you enter!!! :slight_smile:


Do you have to be on instagram to do this? Social media is not my thing

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Facebook or IG - Need to be using the hashtag #bornandbred on the all post

I’d be willing to extend the contest to this thread here so forum members could post there transformations in here as well. Would love to get a bunch of these forum members rocking the contest!


Yeah I was thinking the same thing!
Be awesome to see everyone get in on this :slight_smile:

For purposes of discussion I would imagine those that the person making the greatest transformation (this side of Bruce Jenner) would be someone with far less training experience. Sort of a Biggest Loser approach. No?

Again for purposes of discussion…feel free to tell me I’m an ass…

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I had to read that a couple times, not sure if I’m interpreting it the way you meant it but we left these categories pretty broad as to really invite people from all levels of experience so we could get a wide range of stories and backgrounds. We’re really interested in seeing people who live without compromise and show us how they accomplished these categories against all odds. Yeah, a biggest loser approach would be pretty cool but we also have a couple in our facebook group who just finished a transformation in which they didnt lose a ton of weight but they added muscle mass as well and really look 5-10 years younger!


Didn’t mean anything bad by it…just a thought that the best transformations would probably come from those that train the least currently.

Now the overall ‘lifestyle’ I would imagine could come from a variety of folks…