iForce Max Out is Here! Our Analysis Inside

iForce Max Out is Here! Our Analysis Inside


iForce Nutrition’s Max Out preworkout is here and it’s definitely intense. Inside, you’ll find several things that we love (from the philosophy to the ingredients to the flavors), all wrapped in one pre workout. We’re expecting big things. iForce is back on the scene with a new pre-workout product accompanied …
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Max Out was an Arachidonic Acid product originally, and bares absolutely 0 similarity with the original product. Also, the formula is completely disclosed on the label, so not sure how it can be more of an "open" formula. In addition to this, There are numerous human studies which show no danger when combining caffeine and synephrine. Glycerol Monostearate is dosed at 2,000mg as that it what is found in 2 scoops of Hemavol. To call this filler when this is considered a proper dose is ludicrous. The Rhodiola Rosea is dosed at 500mg, just as the label says it is...you even posted a picture of it right next to the paragraph...500mg(3% Rosavins). Beta Alanine was not included as it has absolutely no acute effects, and should be consumed 2-4x/day for best effects...not exactly smart to put a full bolus dose in a single serving pre-workout.