Ice Cream Sandwich Protein Powder | MTS WHEY REVIEW

Ice Cream Sandwich Protein Powder | MTS WHEY REVIEW



Shouldn’t this be in supplement reviews?


I was so disappointed in this flavor. In water, tastes just like regular chocolate, no vanilla ice cream flavor at all. It was a good chocolate but no distinction or anything to make it stand out. I won’t get it again that’s for sure.


Was not a fan either. Tastes like a sweet vanilla with a hint of cocoa. You could mix his vanilla and chocolate and get the same tasting product. To brand it as the best tasting flavor he ever created is a far stretch

Pumpkin Pie
PB Cookie & Cream
Red Velvet
Aussie Triple Chocolate Bisucit

were all far better flavors IMO


I still think the mint cookies and cream is by far his best, followed by the PB cookies and cream.


Yep. When CJ doesn’t set the playlist on the video, our script that automatically posts here doesn’t know where to put it… moving now


Agreed except I flip those two. It’s to the point where I’m not sure how you make a powder taste much better!!