HydroxyElite – OxyELITE Pro Clone *with* DMAA!

HydroxyElite – OxyELITE Pro Clone *with* DMAA!


Does this bottle look familiar or what?! Were you a fan of the original OxyELITE Pro? Well, it’s usually not available, and when it is, it’s at a hefty price tag of $150. There is good news though: Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals, a company known to push …
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will hydroxy elite interact negatively with

Hydrochlorothiazide for high blood pressure?


You'd need to ask your doctor about that. What I will say is that high doses of DMAA have been shown to increase blood pressure (but not heart rate). We don't knowhow much is in this, but it's probably best you did not mix these.


I want to take this with the suggested dosing (2 in morning 1 at lunch), would I be taking a risk to also take Jack'D up as a preworkout? I workout around 6 or 7 so there would be a significant amount of hours to clear my system.


Not a good idea. This is the kind of misuse that got Jack3d and OxyELITE into trouble in the first place.

Plus, if you take Jack'd Up that late you might never make it to bed!

Maybe if you take 2 capsules in the morning and one scoop of Jack'd Up after work, that could be reasonable. Mixing full dosages of both is not at all recommended.


Same person, finally made an account. I don't think I would be taking Jack'D Up in full dosage because of the proprietary blend, don't really know much stuff is in it it, I'll probably take half of the suggested (1.5 scoops). Would that still be at risk? I just recently researched into DMAA after all of the banning and I'm interested in it. Thanks for such a fast response by the way, this is the best comparing and price website out there by far.


It'd make sense that doing a half full-dose of each would be fine, if you started out light and spaced them out enough.

But... you can't really do 1.5 caps of HydroxyElite, so I'd think that 1 cap of that in the AM, and then ~1 heaping scoop of Jack'd Up could work. But other than that..... can't really recommend you break the rules!

Thanks for the kind words!


I'm going to order a few bottles from the link on your dmaa page as well as dexaprine and maybe jack'd up or mesomorph. The latter I recently ran and it really kicks ass. Sponsored log but really good stuff. Was wondering if you remember OxyECA by Leecheek nutrition and if that was a clone or an original. I would love to get a hold of some of that as well.. was my total crack pill.


Awesome and thanks for reading! But definitely just hit one of those at a time!

It's really tough to find a supplement more awesome than Mesomorph right now.

Never tried OxyECA, unfortunately, but hear the same thing... intense stuff. Lecheek / Genomyx bring some heat! Lots of the stuff they had got warning letters because of AMP Citrate though.


i picked up 4 hydroxelite for 90 w/your code shipped from i-supplements and 3 dexaprines for 84 shipped with 6% code from suppz. Yeah, that OxyECA was too good. Meso real deal. Glad I stumbled across the page, thanks for the info.


Hey, responding to an old message, but in case you get buzzed about this - we got Hi-Tech to disclose DMAA in Jack'd Up!

Each scoop:
- 25mg DMAA
- 100mg Caffeine
- 2g creatine
- 1.3g beta alanine


Hello how much DMAA in 1 capsule? Thanks!


Hello, all. I wanted to share my experience with this product thus far. I wrote the following review at the Hitech Pharma website but I felt it was so compelling that I wanted to share it here because this is where I initially found HydroxyElite in the first place.

Simply stated. This works!

I've used OxyElite Pro in the past when it was all the rage for its fat
burning and excellent appetite suppression so I can candidly state that
this product is indeed the second coming of that excellent product.
This is a great product with immediately palpable effects. I took one
capsule before working out on the treadmill and I was able to work out
vigorously at a higher incline and faster speed than I was normally
accustomed to. I easily burned 820 calories at the end of a 70 minute
incline treadmill work out without exhaustion. It also had a really
noticeable mood enhancing effect as well. I felt happy and euphoric for
several hours after taking HydroxyElite and it crushed my appetite to an
INSANE degree! After my vigorous treadmill work out I was literally not
hungry at all for hours thereafter. I didn't receive this product for
free or at a discount in exchange for a review. This is my honest
review. I will write a supplemental review in the coming weeks to
report back on my weight loss results after being on the product for a


Thanks for posting the great review here... glad we helped you out! Excited to hear about the results - keep us up to date!


i used to take oxyelite pro in the past and I absolutely loved it, I had no idea that it was discontinue, i think i might give this one a try. do you take it on a empty stomach or with a small meal?


This said that it can cause false positives for a drug testore? I want to get a new job in a month or so? When should I stop taking this so I know I can pass?


Haven't seen this myself, but it seems true that DMAA can cause false positives for amphetamines in some of the lower-cost / inferior tests.

You can always get re-tested with a more rigorous exam, but that's probably not what you want to say when applying for a job, they'll likely dismiss you then and there. Better to be safe than sorry and get off of it a couple weeks before testing.