Hybrid by glaxon question

For @Joey_Savage. How much actual added caffeine is in hybrid? I wanted to run this as my carb source combined with xeno but curious how much additional caffeine I am looking at here. Basically don’t want to use a strong pwo with this and have brain meltdown lol. Not do I want to use too little… Thanks

Wait you mean to tell me we still have prop blends in 2021? Especially with caffeine amount? The fuck?


They’re just protecting their innovations dw :relieved::relieved::relieved:


100mgs of Anhydrous and 22mgs that are sourced from the botanicals.

To avoid this confusion in the future, the new Hybrid V2 won’t have any props w/ the exception of Astrolyte, and will actually be caffeine free.


Awesome, thank you very much!!