How to know if sups will mix well

Is there such an app or site that can tell you if two or more supp will give you an adverse reaction?

In my case it’s creatine monohydrate powder, and melatonin caps.

So if anyone knows if this is a bad mix you can chime in, but overall that first question of how to find out these things still stands.

Generally speaking you can just Google like, “can you take melatonin on creatine,” subbing in whatever relevant terms. If there’s a known answer it’ll show up, if there’s no “known” answer but a bunch of redditors have noticed something it’ll show up, and if it doesn’t show up it’s probably fine.

In this case, yes, there aren’t any interactions.


Beyond what @Caribou already mentioned, your body may have an adverse reaction that no one else does. Using a search engine is good at finding a pattern among various users but you could still be an outlier.

I would think that most adverse reactions happen when multiple supplements that use the same or similar pathways in the body are used together. Think stimulants, nootropics, adaptogens, sleep ingredients etc.


As the other folks have stated, it’s on an individual basis. Thus the reason some respond better to certain pump ingredients while others, not so much. There is a lot of experimentation when it comes to supplements. And as a result years ‘of nope, not that’

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hahah. Yeah, I’ve had a few pre’s leave me with the worse headache— definitaly the nope not that pile.

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In a lot of cases, well most lately, I’ve found that less is more. The less amount of ingredients in a supplement the less likely there will be any type of crossover or conflict. If Preworkout A has 75 ingredients and Preworkout pump has 55 watch out (I’m being a bit dramatic of course)