How Long with Last?

How Long with Last?

Saw this on Josh Schall’s Facebook: Comparative Q4 Revenue…

2015Q4 = $104 million

2016Q4 = $86 million (down 17% YoY)

2017Q4 = $62 million (down 29% YoY)

2018Q4 = $45 million (down 27% YoY)

2019Q4 = $34 million (down 24% YoY)

Comparative revenue hardly tells the whole story, but it might be a good opening paragraph…

If you were wondering, 2015Q4 to 2019Q4 is down 67%…this is far more drastic on a % basis than GNC and VS.

How long do you see them being around? It looks like a major downward trend. Where and how he got these numbers I do not know, but that does not look good.


I don’t pretend to understand business and economics the way the educated do… I can only think laterally and practically.

Retailers die because those in charge ‘get married for the wrong reasons’. If you acquire, then follow up with sales and marketing strategies that’s a serious left turn from how said website maintained its following… It’s like saying you don’t want the repeat customer.

It’s sad cause , I’ve never had a bad experience when buying from them. This is the make or break year for them imo. FDA has been slowing chipping away at the “Hardcore” products they didn’t carry and they’re bringing out more of their own products and better promos. They either stabilize or get bought out

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Those numbers also seem to be directly linked to the forum activity there.
Almost a ghost town on the forums over there

They once carried everything under the sun, even their one time exclusives, aren’t exclusive (Kaged, JYM). Direct to consumer brands, better deals on other sites, Amazon prime, etc. it’s just not special like it once was, imo


I have been buying supps for maybe 7 years now (probably chump change compared to some of y’all here) but I don’t think I’ve purchased from once. I’m not sure who does to be honest, it seems like it’s easy to find better deals elsewhere. Muscle & strength is an example of a large retailer that seems to do it correctly

Competition and the need to keep up with it. I haven’t had a bad experience with them either with all that said

They had the kind of deals where I couldn’t help but make a purchase once a quarter… Because I just couldn’t turn down the deal. Their customer service was great, great shipping speed.

I always get turned off by an ownership change because I end up hating the major changes they make. They basically turned into a brick and mortar chain with the BOGO50s and what not.

Instead of being the standard of comparison, they’re just apart of the field.