Highest Caffeine Pre Workout We've Ever Reviewed!

Highest Caffeine Pre Workout We've Ever Reviewed!

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If I took this, I might die.

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With my tolerance having flatlined, this is a death sentence for me…lord


Anyone up for double scooping that one?!


I’d recommend maybe equalizing the audio some. CJ is rather quiet during the regular content, compared to the blasting of the intro


Of course! And the owner said he does have someone at his gym that double scoops it


Haha. Scary to think about some 15 year old kid ordering this online, and double scooping it.

Worse than Tide Pods? That’s a close one…

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They should call it “YOWO.”

You Only Workout Once


Addressing the creatine HCl critique you posed, isn’t there some restriction on companies from a patent issue that only allows 2 grams of Creatine HCl? Swear I read that somewhere, but I can’t back it up at the moment. Seems weird that every preworkout with CHCl would use 2g

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That would be nuts.
I’ve never heard that, but you’re right. I think 2g is the most I’ve seen for a dose.

I used to think it was because companies were pushing the “easier absorption means you only need 2g vs monohydrate’s 5g” pitch.

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it’s like the Heart Attack Burger place in vegas… people will always push the envelope, and companies and places are happy to provide them with a 19,900-calorie burger or 600 mgs of caff


Heart attack place in Vegas? Oh I see… must be an exclusive “Team Gaspari” inside joke.

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shit, if you’re over 350 lbs u eat for free.

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Irresponsible of a company

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Holy crap, that’s literally more than two of me right now.

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Again, 600mg of caffeine is well within the “clinical dosage” range.

You can argue it’s irresponsible because people will double scoop it and end up in the hospital, but you may as well complain about C4 and the possibility of people quad scooping it.

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Oh I just took 5 scoops daily for my creatine dosage, is that not proper?



No it isn’t…

You need 7 and a half scoops to get your proper 5 grams from it.

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Damn, didn’t consider the nitrate weight!