High-Protein Ice Cream - FINALLY! Blackstone Labs ISO-Cream

High-Protein Ice Cream - FINALLY! Blackstone Labs ISO-Cream


Originally published at: https://blog.priceplow.com/food/blackstone-labs-iso-cream

It’s about time someone made this happen! Cutting to the chase, with Blackstone Labs ISO-Cream we’re dealing with 266 calories coming from 38g protein, 14g carbs, and 7g fat in an entire tub, thanks to Blackstone Labs’ Isolation whey protein isolate inside! Finally, someone has made a high-protein ice cream… …(Read more on the PricePlow Blog)


I want to try this but I will wait until its out for awhile and hopefully starts selling at other supplement sites so the price will come down!


It’s coming direct from the ice cream manufacturer so I doubt we will see in on other sites honestly. Unless they have the logistics planned. I believe PJ said they can only make so much at a time due to costs


Agreed, at least BSL has frequent athlete code discounts and whatnot on their site which would hopefully help bring their crazy retail prices down.


Yea, I would see this difficult for other websites to carry as they would need to be shipped with dry ice, which is not cheap. Also, based on the ingredients and profile , it looks like they used a 4-5% milk fat mix, so I would expect the texture on this to be similar to a soft serve ice cream.


agreed on this. $8.00 a pint is a bit more than I am willing to pay for a more protein rich ice cream.