Hi-Tech's FDA DMAA Lawsuit: The Appeals Waiting Game Begins (Jan 2018)

Originally published at: Hi-Tech’s FDA DMAA Lawsuit Recap (Updated April 2020)

You thought DMAA was formally banned by the FDA? Not so fast, according to Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals. We have the latest updates to the ongoing DMAA supplement saga here. January 25, 2018: Hi-Tech’s Response to the FDA’s Response Filed… and now we wait In response to the FDA’s January 5th response… …(Read more on the PricePlow Blog)

I wonder why the FDA issued warning letters to Hi-Tech regarding BMPEA and Acacia Rigidula, but for for DMAAA... The grounds for that ban was that BMPEA was synthesized despite controversial claims it was naturally sourced in acacia rigidula, whereas this "ban" defies a basis other than isolated incidents

We'll be updating on BMPEA soon too. There seem to be some sources that it *has* been found in acacia.

I too was manufacturing on a smaller scale my own version of a supplement with 1,3 Dimethylamylamine during this time and was about to bring it to market. However, being one of the little guys and with the FDA's rampant bullying campaign proved to be too much for my start up to take on. I really think that this is awesome and can't wait to see Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals get there day in court.How ridiculous the FDA is with many of there bogged down bureaucratic and egregious motives.

Awesome article. Glad somebody clarified this, as I have been searching for answers for quite a few days now.

Is DMAA legal in Canada too or just the USA?

Thanks! Yeah this is still all ongoing here in the US, but very little press, even in the nutra community (outside of us).

I can't find an 'official' ban from Health Canada, but they'll definitely seize it if they find it crossing the border and have issued several memos about doing so over the years.

I've heard that Blackstone Labs is reformulating Dust Extreme (their DMAA pre-workout) to not have DMAA in it anymore. Their product is manufactured by Hi-Tech pharmaceuticals, so I'm unsure of why they would decide to discontinue their DMAA formula when it seems like Hi-Tech is fighting tooth and nail to keep it legal.

Any insight on this? It's really confusing why companies keep reformulating their products to take out the DMAA, then recently several companies started including it again in their pre-workouts, and now it seems like they're taking it out again....