Hi-Tech Off The Chain – DMAA Powered Energy Aminos!

Hi-Tech Off The Chain – DMAA Powered Energy Aminos!


Awwww yeahhhh!!! We’ve been on top of the burgeoning energy aminos market for some time now. What started out as a niche category in the amino acid supplements market is now expanding into its own full blown category with entries from all the big players in the game. Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals …
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I was just reading your top 10 lists, and I assumed there was a misprint. The energy blend is a total of 160 mgs (100 mgs caffeine a, 20 mgs DMAA, 40mgs?? green tea). I was under the assumption manufacturers were required to list dosages from most prevalent to least. Shouldn't green tea be listed before DMAA?


Whoa, that's a great observation. Here's the response:

"Caffeine is derived from both green tea and caffeine anhydrous to yield a little over 100mg --- the DMAA we used in this one is 66% pure as we load on HPMC to give a time release effect so it takes about 30mg to yield 20mg DMAA.....leaving 30mg green tea"

Never heard of that, and maybe this is why we like the DMAA effect from this one so much!


Thank you for the reply. Just looking at the numbers, it didn't make sense at first. Especially from Hi Tech, a company that prides itself on defending the industry. The last thing they would do is improperly label their products.