Hey PricePlow

Hey PricePlow


I was sure how to do this so I’m posting.
I saw a Pre workout that maybe interesting for Recviews.
It’s called “The King” by Maximum Performance Labs.
Some label highlights;
11,000 migs is of Citrulline M
1,700 mg’s of Agmatine


Care to link it?


Look at that alpha y dose lol


Fuckin hell


Stim bomb by far. Not interested


Bruh. Maybe I can finally feel them cold sweats



He tried originally but spam filter didn’t trust him. @Msseffect got trusted tho!


What’s your take on this pre? @Mike


This can’t be serious. I wouldn’t touch this with a twenty foot pole. Would need to 1/6-scoop it to get 1/12 serving


I’m guessing they won’t be around long with all those sarms.

As for the preworkout, I have serious questions about the formulator that I would like to ask his remaining relatives.


Would there be any detriment to such a high citrulline dose?


Its likely not giving any greater benefit then a lower dose, and might make it very acidic.


No. It’s malate as well, without the ratio stated.


I wonder if it’s reacted…


They had to have meant regular yohimbine. That much alpha-yo would put a lot of people in the hospital.

And even 11mg regular yohimbine would be scary for many of us. I have never taken more than 7.5mg at once, seemed ok but “please no more” kind of situation