Has anybody ordered from Suppremacy yet?

Has anybody ordered from Suppremacy yet?


Info on security and shipping costs/times is mainly the info I’m interested in. Any feedback is appreciated.


If you’re not hearing anything about them, that’s usually not a good indicator


Stack3d article on it

Pretty low variety of items, which isn’t necessarily bad.
I would play it cautiously, but they seem legit if nothing else.


Take Caution:

they got ripped apart on AM


You have to be an exceptional retailer, with great customer service in order to gain the trust of consumers. This is what irritates me about companies like this one. Do they NOT understand they don’t have a chance of survival without making themselves stand out. I’ve worked customer service my entire life, and I can’t help but judge when a business has such atrocious service, how they can even be afloat. It pisses me off to no end. They are undeserving of any attention whatsoever and can find a nice hole to lay down to die in for all I care. I had such a terrible experience with nutriverse for instance, I had to file a claim against them and even the postal service was ripping them apart. You don’t deserve to have a business or call yourself a business man/woman if you can’t comprehend who keeps you in business…US, the consumers


I apologize for the mini rant, but this is something I’m extremely passionate about. I just don’t see how these idiots operate or remember how to breathe in the morning.


I was going to order a few times from them when they had products I wanted on BOGO.
Just did not make sense to roll the dice and go through all the problems with a lack of customer service. More of a headache for a few dollars.


Sometimes you just have to walk away from a deal out of respect for yourself. They never once responded to my emails or phone calls until I left a message about filing the claim. Within that hour, got a message saying item was shipped. It was already filed, so I would have hoped that would be a lesson learned on their end…


So suppremacy is the new Nutriverse site? If so, no thx. I have received far too many late, out of date (not noted either) and damaged supps from them.


I do believe it is


That is correct.


The one product they sent me wasn’t the correct product and was out of date -______- more like Nutri-eat-a-dick