Glycerol, the ultimate glycerol supplement

Glycerol, the ultimate glycerol supplement


Pretty simple, glycerol is cheap, 100% glycerol and works just as well as any of the powdered forms, buy a bottle of it and add it to your preworkouts, it has a bit of a weird taste(chemically sweet) but when 2 liters cost under 10$ its well worth it. (Also if anyone is wondering glycerin and glycerine are the same as glycerol.)


What’s the use of variants like monostearate, HydroMax, etc then?

How easy is it to get it so cheap?

I like that VPX uses Glycerin in Redline Black Diamond.


Glycerol on its own is a liquid, with a syrupy thickness, other versions are a powder that is much easier to work into a supplement
Even if they are terrible.

Pretty easy, shop around locally and you might be able to find it cheaper, I’m not sure where its generally sold though

Yep Its a great addition to RTDs, I see it in a few products but still think it needs more popularity.


I’ve long wondered about this. This was the basis for the old LG Sciences Epic preworkout. It was actually a liquid preworkout. Just caffeine, creatine, Synephrine, and a few other things in glycerol. Glycerol is also used as a sweetener in a lot of protein bars also. Does it really affect taste that much? If anything, I would expect it to improve taste of some products due to adding a little sweetness.


Eh its kind of a chemically sweet, I’m guessing its more for filler/texture in protein bars. There are other options for sweeteners.

I’m kind of wondering why @BPISports doesn’t make a glycerol based liquid pump product, It has a reason to be a liquid and doesn’t really exist, would likely require a bigger bottle but would fill a nice gap in the industry.