Glycerol, the ultimate glycerol supplement

Pretty simple, glycerol is cheap, 100% glycerol and works just as well as any of the powdered forms, buy a bottle of it and add it to your preworkouts, it has a bit of a weird taste(chemically sweet) but when 2 liters cost under 10$ its well worth it. (Also if anyone is wondering glycerin and glycerine are the same as glycerol.)

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What’s the use of variants like monostearate, HydroMax, etc then?

How easy is it to get it so cheap?

I like that VPX uses Glycerin in Redline Black Diamond.

Glycerol on its own is a liquid, with a syrupy thickness, other versions are a powder that is much easier to work into a supplement
Even if they are terrible.

Pretty easy, shop around locally and you might be able to find it cheaper, I’m not sure where its generally sold though

Yep Its a great addition to RTDs, I see it in a few products but still think it needs more popularity.

I’ve long wondered about this. This was the basis for the old LG Sciences Epic preworkout. It was actually a liquid preworkout. Just caffeine, creatine, Synephrine, and a few other things in glycerol. Glycerol is also used as a sweetener in a lot of protein bars also. Does it really affect taste that much? If anything, I would expect it to improve taste of some products due to adding a little sweetness.

Eh its kind of a chemically sweet, I’m guessing its more for filler/texture in protein bars. There are other options for sweeteners.

I’m kind of wondering why @BPISports doesn’t make a glycerol based liquid pump product, It has a reason to be a liquid and doesn’t really exist, would likely require a bigger bottle but would fill a nice gap in the industry.