Gluco Vantage Opinions

Anyone here have experience with Gluco Vantage? To my understanding, it is a metabolite of Berberine, with 6x better availability.

There are several supplements out there, and this supposedly can eliminate the need for 500mg+ doses, along with the stomach issues that follow with traditional berberine supplementation.

I will likely try it, but wanted to see if anyone here has had prior experience. Thanks!

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I have used it but not tracked my BG readings while on it.

Notice any physical effect, in relation to nutrient partitioning?

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I notice an increased transit time of the food and that I could intake more macros without feeling full or bloated as compared to when I don’t use it. Since I follow OMAD, getting in a lot of food quickly is important.

I typically take my capsule 30min to 60min before I plan on eating, for reference. Genius Blood Sugar is my current supplement.

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