Ghost Teases Nine New Whey Flavors and a Vegan Protein!

Ghost Teases Nine New Whey Flavors and a Vegan Protein!


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After dropping new editions of Ghost Legend, featuring Maxx Chewning and Christian Guzman, Ghost is teasing nine new potential flavors of Ghost Whey! A fan favorite for flavor, Ghost hinted at nine possible new flavor editions to its Whey lineup! Ghost just dropped a video on the brand’s YouTube channel,… …(Read more on the PricePlow Blog)


This will be good!


Too bad they are not part of the forum and don’t do sample packs


They do have sample packs (you can see them in their videos) they are only for expos and trade shows


Not sure why they don’t offer them on the website. It would suck to spend $40(regular consumers price) on a flavor you don’t end up liking. Tell your boy to hook us up with some samples lol


I don’t work for Ghost. I have 0 say in giving out samples bud.


No worries, I thought you might of known someone over there that would of know how to get samples. Even if we have to pay for shipping


Like I said they only use for Expo’s and Trade Shows, not for sale. That is the only time they will use them. When I met them at the arnold at LA Fitness that is what CJ and Ricky Said (you see them on all their videos)… Maybe they will consider it in the future, but to sell samples is a loss for companies due to packaging and making single serves. If they were pushing tons of units then they may break even off doing so. I would guess each sample would be around $1.50-2 for a single serve of ghost whey which may scare people to buy.