GHOST LEGEND CG V3 | The World Needs More of this Stuff!

GHOST LEGEND CG V3 | The World Needs More of this Stuff!

Great review

This is what it reminds me of

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Really really good review.

From what I just read this is sold out…

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Does anyone know if they will bring this back? Or is it legitimately gone? Asking for a friend of course.

I can bet they saved some inventory. Don’t 100% quote me. But it is unlike dan to run through everything in one felt swoop.

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It does increase the hype…

Just emailed Ghost to see if they anticipate re-stocking this. It’s still on their site, just out of stock…makes one wonder.

Quick update: Note back from Customer Service …limited edition and once they are gone, they are gone…

So…there’s that

They’ll do atleast one restock. Don’t sweat it. That’s why I always aim to grab two on launch day. Gotta get online when they go live or the fan boys and girls (I normally use a word I shouldn’t repeat here) will swoop them all up.

Thank you @Matt_Towson I was in Vegas when this went live (I mean ‘dropped’) and was half paying attention. I’ll be on the lookout.

Exactly what I stated above and what @Matt_Towson said. They are telling you that to sell you.

They will restock


I can’t be sold! I’m going to send a message to Dan asking if they’ll send along a side of L-Norvaline to sweeten the pot @Matt_Towson and @TheSolution

He’ll love that. So much so, that you might get a container with a broken seal. : )

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As long as it contains that little card so that I can get points for purchase.

You can have some of mine. I’ve got like 20k. No stickers though.

I think I’m only at 10,000…

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Free tub of protein!

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I’m going to see how many I can accumulate before using them…