Ghost Glow: Look Good, Feel Good

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If there’s one category that’s exploding in the dietary supplement industry in 2020 – it’s health and wellness. The days of dangerously-dosed pre workouts and borderline illegal ingredients are slowly, but surely, starting to lose popularity. More people have come to realize that health needs to be a priority. It’s… …(Read more on the PricePlow Blog)

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…and if you feel good, you play good…

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-Deion Sanders

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Thankfully someone got that…


Any word on a release date for this? My wife and I are eager to give it a go.

I believe it was mentioned during the SIR podcast July 16th is the target date.

July 16th off the YT with Ben the other day.

feeling the love that everyone watched that closely

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Haha. I need highlights. Not that I don’t enjoy watching your beautiful self, @Extrabeef

; )

I’ve been putting highlights up on PricePlows instagram but I believe we’ll be starting an IG just for the podcast where you’ll find more clips. right now We’re posting on our IG too much for more clips and the podacst is growing quickly

I watched every minute soaking up all the info Dan was passing along like a sponge. Makes you truly appreciate his brand and philosophy on how he approaches business. Absolute class act