Ghost CG Focus

Ghost CG v4 Focus


Lemon - The lemon flavor in CG v4 focus has a hybrid taste that combines Lemon Crush BCAA and a lemon-lime Gatorade. The density of the flavor is on the bold side and provides a hint of sweetness in the backend. The lingering luscious lemon-based flavor provides the correct amount of zest to make the product shine. While this flavor does pack a punch, it is not over the top for those who do not like lemon. For those who have enjoyed any of the CG lemon flavors in the past this is just an improvement. If you combine the taste of lemon-lime and lemonade together you are presented with the CG collab Lemon.


Ghost Focus mixes with ease. I used around 6-8oz of water for 1 scoop of the product. I did not see any left-over powder sitting at the bottom or clumps in my shaker bottle. No problems to note here.


June 16th
12 PM Central
1 PM Eastern
** Max 2 Per Order **


Per 2 Scoops:

2g Acetyl L-Carnitine (ALCAR) – Focus, Learning, & Memory
1.5g L-Tyrosine – Cognitive Enhancement & Mental Clarity
1g Taurine – Recovery, Performance, & Energy Levels
600mg Alpha GPC – Increase focus and mental clarity
500mg Cognizin Citicoline – Nootropic & Cognitive Enhancement
500mg Aquamin – Recovery & Hydration
500mg Raw Coconut Powder- Recovery & Hydration
50mg Astragin – Increase Uptake of Ingredient Profile

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Focus and lemon butter cake are restocked on the ghost webpage and application!

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