Get Ready for CARROT CAKE MRE Bar from Redcon1

Get Ready for CARROT CAKE MRE Bar from Redcon1


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Read it and weep, Redcon1 haters: THIS IS HAPPENING That’s right, this is a Carrot Cake MRE Bar! Before we go any further, you need to sign up for Redcon1 news alerts and coupon updates for this one: RedCon1 MRE Bar - Deals and Price Drop AlertsGet Price AlertsGet MRE… …(Read more on the PricePlow Blog)


I told you that 3 weeks ago :slight_smile:


cuz u told him, he shouldn’t do a blog post of everyone’s favorite beef iso bars? bruh…



I wish more companies did carrot cake . The prosupps cookies were a decent attempt .


What are the sources of protein?


Beef Protein Isolate
Salmon Protein
Chicken Protein
Egg Albumin
Brown Rice Protein
Pea Protein


I don’t understand this, did someone say “O ya redcon could never make a carrot cake flavor” or something?


Really what is with the tone?


people hate that! not Recon, at least my thoughts on that


whey has much more of the essential amino acids and BCAAs (34.96 grams in whey vs. 19.4 grams in beef protein isolate per 100 g)

The amount of glycine in beef protein (beef protein isolate contains 20.1 grams of glycine, more than 14 times the amount of glycine in whey protein). Glycine is a filler amino acid added into products to cheapen the cost of the product

You get nearly 3x the amount of lecuine, isoleucine, and valid in a whey or whey blend compared to a Beef protein isolate

That alone should say it all.


Can’t wait to buy a box of these!


Ya, I don’t really get the hype outside of people who can’t eat dairy, the bars at least in my experience aren’t even that great.


Lmfao at absolutely everyone roasting RC1 alive and then Clipper is just like “neato!”




People who praise MRE Bars, shocks me they wont purchase Beef Iso Protein… Wonder why!?


In all fairness, I’ve never seen a beef iso protein. Unless MRE Lite counts


Loads of them from many companies including big names like muscletech etc


Agree, especially at the price point. If I’m not getting any worthwhile protein anyway, may as well spend the 68 cents on a Snickers.

It’s like caffeine free Bang. It doesn’t have what you pay the premium for, so why are you paying the premium??


At least were I’ve lived bangs were about 1.50, so they weren’t a bad deal for 16 oz of soda.


Bang is like minimum $2.99 on the mainland if you’re buying singles, I’ve literally never seen it any cheaper across several states unless you count GNC’s “buy 5 of any singles, get 1 free” thing.