I was able to secure one can of each flavor to giveaway here (GaspariDan should have 2 for AM as well and Spaz will have 2 on BB dot com)

What do you need to be eligible to win one? Have a US shipping address, willing to leave a detailed product review here (i like pictures) and…

Since it’s summer, give me you best summer anything, song, food, activate, memory, etc. basically tell me (show me too) what you love about summer. Multiple entries are welcome, I’ll prob select my 2 winners at random, unless you blow my tits off with a great post.

Oh and tell me which flavor you’d prefer.

New supplement thread

i’ll also take this opportunity to gloat on Team Gaspari member Hidetada Yamagishi 1st place finish at the Europa Dallas, at age 45!

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Sweet…Totally in on this. If I am selected Blueberry Acai please.

-Have a US shipping address? YES, the 'Burgh
-Leave a detailed review? You know how I do!

My best summer memory is currently happening. Moving to Pittsburgh last week has been a dream come true and every day I am here (5 days so far) feels like a vacation. Being retired from the Army, and enjoying my time in a place of my choosing for the first time is the best memory I can have. I have been teaching Chuck (my dog) the beauty of the Burgh!


Anytime I think about summer the first thing that comes to mind is beach trips with the family. It is something we do every year, and now having a little girl of my own I get to start that tradition with her. Nothing better than chilling on beach, throwing the football around, and throwing down on some good food. (Picture is from our trip to Santa Rosa Beach Florida last year)

Both flavors sound really good, but blueberry açaí would probably be my preference if chosen


Very promo Doug. Best of luck to everyone participating!



Guava nectarine you say?


I live in Cincinnati so we get a good dose of winter and summer. And I hate winter so this promo is right up my alley. The past few years have given summer a whole new meaning to me. With a 7 and 4 yr old, winters suck. Being stuck inside with these “things” that have a never ending amount of energy is hard. So summer for me is all about getting the kids outside and not having to actively entertain them every evening when I get home from work. Our neighborhood becomes a lot more social in the summer too - kids get outside and the parents hang out as well which is fun. I helped coach my daughters softball team. Here’s a post-game pic. And the guava nectarine sounds amazing! Thanks for the promo!


Epic promo is epic! Get in on this, folks.


Good luck everyone. Looking forward to the posts/stories.


There’s a burger joint called Fat Heads (I think) had some killer burgers from there, a while ago!


Nothing better than a lazy beach day imo

Baby look like she means business! :laughing:

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I have a home in Wilmington, OH your winters are much milder than the ones I get in Buffalo.

Great picture!


Oh nice, thats right down the road from my house. Yes its called Fat Heads and I will have to check it out! Thanks.

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Simple, my favorite summer activity is getting all the cars ready for shows. My personal daily driver is an 05 Impala SS that I get prettied up, but also a ton of Mopar classic muscle cars that my buddies have. A 67 Belvedere GTX and a 70 Coronet 440 notably.

Love the blueberry açaí. Thanks for running these promos boys!

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A big ass ice cream
It can get so hot after training and something cold is wonderful

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Fat Heads is a brew pub and full brewery. Makes a killer ipa called Hop Juju. I read that their burgers are incredible.


man, i haven’t done a cruise night in ages…

my daily is a 2017 Big Horn Hemi Ram… but have a 2010 SRT8 Challenger, and 86 Buick Grand National

i need to take more pics


vanilla cone dipped cherry, been a go-to of mine for 35 years lol


In for support these sound tasty.

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Buick looks damn good! Love the Challenger too. One of those was the fastest car I’d been in until my buddy got his Hellcat

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