GASPARI's NCAA Bracket Busting PROMO

I have 12 spots left, and wanted to give PricePlow forum members an opportunity to get in as well.

Here’s how it works…

64 people (reps are welcome) each will be randomly assigned a Region and a seed # (example East #1/insert team name) your seed/team will have to cover the spread (or beat the spread) in order to continue.

For example, say Notre Dame is -7 vs Princeton, if Notre Dame wins by more than 7 for person with ND to moves on. If Notre Dame loses or does not cover the spread (ties go to the underdog) the person with Princeton moves on and takes over the loser’s team, in this case Notre Dame. If Princeton wins outright, of course they move on.

So if you are stuck with say a 15 seed and a 25 point underdog, you are not basically automatically out, you just need them to cover the spread, and if they do, you take over the #2 seed.

I request that a review thread be created by all winners.

I want to have the 64 players assigned to their teams/seeds before the play-in games on March 13th, so we need to get moving, If we have issues filling the 64 teams, I will turn this over to social media, as well, as on this forum and another.

Final Four players will each win a tub of SizeOn, and the winning Championship team/player will also win a 2 LB tub of Precision Protein.

Vaughn, Spaz, Moo, and myself will participating, in this for fun… if we somehow win, we will randomly select a winning in our stead.

We ran this promo last year, despite it being labor intensive for me, it was incredible fun for all (I think).


to the winners…

I am not a sports person so you basically lost me at spread, but I would like to enter.


Don’t have to know sports to enter! Would love to get some of you guys in on this. Great opportunity to win some Gaspari goods. :grin:

Ya, PP is one of the only products I have an alert for so I am down to win a tub of that :smiley:.

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How do we join?

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Hi can I join twice? Pretty please?

Good news, you don’t have to know sports…

Basically you get a team and I do the rest of the work… but it add excitement to the games

Sounds like you want in… i’ll Assign you a slot on the bracket, and on Sunday night that slot will be assigned a team (your team) I have the bracket completely updated Monday afternoon, with you on it. :slight_smile:

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Do you have a spot already? I don’t see you on there, i’ll add you.

I am, don’t add me. I was kidding around

In case anyone was wondering, we’ll have our bracket open too! I haven’t made my picks yet, but I’ve selected my name: “Alpha-Y Cold Sweats”

Stay tuned…

I hope “Magnesium s#&ts” is still open for taking

Indeed, but Stoppani’s BCAA Study is now taken :wink:


What a crock of shit that study was :roll_eyes:

traveling for work today so did this on my phone, I’ll get it cleaned up at some point.

1st round starts thursday at noon (EST) and i’ll have the matchups and spreads posted up.

my Iona Gaels are a -19.5 underdog… yes they are known as the Gaels!

and the creepiest mascot ever…


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Okla (AaronR01) vs. Rhode Is. (dk5bdubs) -2

Wright St (BScober). vs. Tenn. (Lucia316) -12

NC Green. (Customshop) vs Gonzaga (OT2000) -12.5

Penn (2burnt) vs Kansas (stingz) -13.5

iona (me) vs Duke (louie0939) -20.5

Loyola Chi. (Christianmelon) vs Miami (FatboyStick) -2

S. Dakota St.(MSiry) vs OSU (AFDave) -7.5

NC St. (jasssko) vs Seton Hall (schism) -2.5

Radford (Moo) vs Villanova (cory2731) -23.5

Davidson (TrainerTone) vs Kentucky (WOLFBGOLD) -5.5

S Diego St. (AmyhNYC) vs Houston (JKHT) -4

SF Austin (masher230) vs Texas Tech (gailh) -11

Alabama (martynemec) vs Virginia Tech (SeanFxxx) -2

Buffalo (inheayer55) vs Arizona (GQdalENGEND) -2

Montana (krankphreak) vs Michigan (taybear7) -11

The favorite team is in the right column, if they win and fail to cover the losing team that covered the spread will inherit the other team.

(example: Iona loses by 10 and the point spread is 20.5, I as the owner of Iona, take over the Duke team (louie is out) for the 2nd round, since Duke won but did not cover.)

Good luck, this should be fun

Good luck y’all. :sunglasses: