Gaspari Proven EAA

Gaspari Proven EAA


Guava Nectarine – This flavor is absolutely dynamite. Upon your first sip of the Proven EAA, you get a bold tropical punch flavor. Soon after the aftertaste is where the guava and nectarine kick in. I picked up on lime, passion fruit, and a subtle cherry flavor that was then complemented by the guava and orange nectarine. With the diversity of flavors, this EAA product provides it makes a happy medium for those who love a unique flavor. While I have never had anything like this on the market this one raised my eyebrow and was very refreshing. If I am picking a flavor of the Proven EAA it is this one, and one of the better testing EAA/BCAA products I have ever had in my entire life. Gaspari knocked this out of the park.

Blueberry Acai – When you first drink the product the blueberry taste comes on strong, and then the acai kicks in as it trickles down your throat. There is a slight acidity in the acai berry that makes for this comparison with the blueberry. The pleasant taste of the acai berry gives this product the tartness to combat the dense blueberry flavor. I like the ratio Gaspari went here with a 70/30 mix in favor of the blueberry. The name is absolutely true to what is stated on the label.


Gaspari Proven EAA mixes with ease. When the powder touches the water it starts to dissolve. After a few shakes, it is 100% dissolved and has no particles floating around the shaker bottle. I did not notice any additional foam which can happen when amino acids mix. Overall there is nothing to worry about here. You could even mix this with a spoon and it should come clear in seconds.



9g Aminos (6g BCAA 4:1:1 / 3g EAA)

9g Protein

600mg Electrolyte Blend

Gaspari Proven EAA is simple yet effective when it comes to their amino formula. There is a mixture of 6g BCAA in a 4:1:1 Ratio, 3g of EAA’s, and 600mg of Electrolytes that contain: Sodium, Magnesium, Potassium, and Calcium. You also see Himalayan salt to help improve hydration.


Each Tub contains 30 servings and is $36 a container. If you add a generic 20% off code (Doug20) that drops the price to $28.80 making it under $1 a serving.


Rich wasn’t wrong when he said the flavoring on these were outstanding!

Thanks bob.

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Great review brother! This actually gets me more excited to try this! Win or lose the promotion I will be buying a tub, but torn on the flavor!


I gotta try blueberry acai. I’m basic white boy status.


Guava destroys it
and it is not even close
Trust me on this one.


Love Guava, but hate Nectarines. Damn you Rich

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How? How??

Another nice review, Bob. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!


The nectarine is very overpowered by all the other complimenting flavors.
Again its a very unique flavor that is absolutely exotic and fantastic. There is nothing really like it on the market IMO

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Hey, Sir I got guava Nectarine, its on the sweet side, very good to water down, like mango GRUNT, now I am curious about your review with nutrabio Eaa pure dragon fruit candy , are they the same side of taste? Thank you!