Gaspari Nutrition - choose one

I received a 30% coupon from the fine folks at Gaspari…

If you could pick one product to use it on - what would it be? Asking for a friend.

Salted Caramel Proven Egg


Definitely one of the Egg proteins

If he is brittle, I might recommend proven joint. Haha.

Yup I would say

Proven egg
Proven joint
Proven eaa

Can’t go wrong with any of those

This thread is relevant to my interests… :sunglasses: Very good suggestions in here already.

Obviously 100% biased but I am NEVER without Strawberry IntraPro, a tub of SuperPump MAX, or Omega-3s. I promise that I would still be purchasing these, rep or not.

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Objectively to recommend to someone else… I’m with @TheSolution on the salted caramel proven egg. But I would stay stocked on Anavite when I can, personally.

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Thank you everyone
At a family pool party all day so I was unable to respond