FREE VASOBLITZ by Build Fast Formula-Twist on the Nitric Oxide category

Hello Price Plow Members,

We’ll keep it simple and to the point. At Build Fast Formula, we want to put our products to the consumer test.

In exchange for a Log on Price Plow, Build Fast Formula will send a full 30 serving bottle of VASOBLITZ.

Only three Condition:

  1. out of respect for other companies and the community, If you are logging another product please wait for our next giveaway. There will be many.
  2. Agree to start the log as soon as you receive VASOBLITZ
  3. Destroy the weights and eat your vegetables:)

Simply post your interest in this thread and we will get to picking!



Great product here . If you like a good non stim pre workout you should all enjoy this. Mixes easy, tastes great and delivers awesome pumps. Love the high dose of arginine nitrates

Never tried an arginine nitrate product, so interested to see how I’d respond. I’d give it a shot for sure

Never tried Quake, high volume, no3 chrome?

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I am down for trying and reviewing VASOBLITZ.

Nope, all intrigued me, but never actually got around to trying them

I’d love to get a chance to try this product out!

Ok, i tried to independently respond to each post. I’m a rookie at this. I was flagged.

Everyone that applied above please Message your complete address, Email and flavor of choice (Fruit Punch, Watermelon, Blue Raspberry, Unflavored). We look forward to your log on PricePlow.


I’m going to take @TheSolution’s word and hope Blue Raz is good!

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Cant wait to see your log and daily updates mate.

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I do like pumps and could use a stimulant free preworkout.
I am a big fan of arginine with citrulline as well so the formula does look pretty good. How are the flavors? I will give points for a good tasting product.

I won a free trial size that they said should be in within 6wks so I’ll see how it is.

Sent my PM!

If you agree to log, you are in. Message your information.



6 weeks is a very long time. Where did you win?

Stack3d. They said up to 6 weeks so not necessarily a full 6.

Now that does make sense.

Read @TheSolution full review and excited to try this. I requested watermelon as it is one of my favorite flavors. I prefer pump formulas without the stims.

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flyin40s-Please message complete address, email and flavor of choice.


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