FREE SAMPLES! NutraBio Natural Series 🍃

FREE SAMPLES! NutraBio Natural Series 🍃



How do you know the limit was hit? I filled out and submitted the form; so I assume I’m good? :slight_smile:


Should be, but PM me the email you used and I can double-check


not int the supp section? shillin’ like a villian… :rofl:


Automation. When CJ publishes a video without the proper playlist, it defaults to the 'cooler.

Moved it for ya. But the Watercooler actually has less traffic because it’s not search engine indexed and only can be seen by ‘experienced’ users


I just like to mess with u… :slight_smile:


About that, could you make a “priceplow videos” section so it doesn’t default to the water cooler?


Ha I know and I like to blame CJ for everything the technology does wrong, lol