Free Sample of Sparta Nutrition's Kraken and HydraShred!

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You read that right — Sparta Nutrition is giving free samples of both their Kraken pre workout and the HydraShred fat burning powder! Sparta Nutrition and PricePlow are back at it, and if you’re looking for some phenomenal energy, you came to the right place! That’s because Sparta is giving… …(Read more on the PricePlow Blog)


Definitely jumping in on this opportunity. I assume there will be a place on the forum to post reviews? I haven’t explored enough to find it yet but will soon. :smiley:

I always forget about this! gotta put a reminder on my phone!

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Yeah – Supplement Reviews - PricePlow Forum

For the most part it will house our own video reviews, but everyone else is free to drop theirs.

If we were a site with official reviews, like SR, we’d want to see full tubs, not just sample packets. But we’re keeping things casual for now

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Has anyone gotten these yet, or the HyperMax samples? Not sure whether they wait until the giveaway is over and send out all the samples at once, or if mine just got lost in the mail or somethin’. :thinking:

Just asked Sparta and Performax!

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Haven’t received anything, but it’s only been five days for me. How long have you waited?

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Today makes 2 weeks for the Sparta Nutrition stuff I believe, and I got in for the HyperMax before that.

Thanks for hitting them up for me, Mike!

Regarding HyperMax, from Performax:

“The samples are still help up at manufacturing but should be done any day now. They should of been done a lot sooner but I guess they were backed up. We will be sending everyone multiple samples of a few different products to make up for the delay.”

Sorry for the delay! I thought they’d have them super soon, wouldn’t have started the promotion if they didn’t. Hang tight and thanks for your patience!

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No worries at all, sounds good to me! :v:

Thanks for the update on this, can’t wait!