Have not received after a week but noticed ON Gold Standard Protein $9.99 for 5 lbs.

Holy shit, that ON Gold Standard is a good deal. That’s better than the 4lb Cellucour for $12.50 from esupplements last summer. I got 6 of those, still working on the last 3 of them.

Anyone bought anything from this company? I would get 6 tubs, but I’ve never heard of these people and they don’t offer pay pal. Think I’ll just order 3 tubs and use a virtual CC number in case of any shenanigans.

you never heard of ON Gold Standard?

Who me? Yeah, 5lbs usually goes for $50-60. But 5 lbs for $10 makes me wonder if it’s a scam site. When I asked if anyone has bought anything from this company, I was talking about the WheySupps website, not Optimum Nutrition.

Anyhow, I’ll be the Guinea Pig. Just ordered one of each flavor with a virtual credit card #. 15 lbs for $33.

Looking at this site, there is no contact section (email, phone number, address, social media links etc.). Searching the web only returns the same free 1lb whey promotion along with this high quality video uploaded to YouTube:

And on this thread, it seems the only person who has supposedly received their shipment is the new member who initially posted the deal and pretty much hasn’t been heard from since.


Yeah, I noticed that, but they had an email address listed under the contact section. Anyhow, that’s why I used a virtual CC. Didn’t want them to have my real CC info. If I don’t get my shit as advertised I’ll just file a charge back. I did get a order confirmation and a $33 charge on the virtual CC. So we’ll see how it goes and I’ll update here when and if I get tracking info.

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@TheSolution I placed my order around the same time you did and hadn’t heard back until this morning. I got an email from the one they have listed under Contact, saying they received more orders than expected, and that my order wouldn’t be shipped until later this month. Due to the delay, they offered to refund the shipping fee if I emailed back with name and order #. Did anybody else get this email?

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Yep. I emailed them yesterday to give me a status update and then i got the same email you got this morning.

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Yesterday I ordered 3 x 5lb tubs of ON Gold Standard for $33. In the confirmation email there’s a link to “View your order”. It was working early this morning before I left for work. It said that they were preparing my order and to check back for order shipping status.

Now when I click on the “view your order” link it says, “Oops, something went wrong. Checkout System disabled: Merchant’s trial period expired.” Also, it seems that if you add anything to your cart and try to checkout you’ll get the same message. So you can’t actually buy anything from this site at the moment.

I’ll send them an email and see if I can get an explanation and follow up with you guys.

Yep, I got the same email. Below is what it said:

Dear Customer,

Thank you for placing your order with us. We regret to inform you there has been a delay with the dispatch of your order due to experiencing an unusually large number of orders, which has exhausted current stock levels and disrupted our normal delivery schedule. We aim to have your order delivered by the 21st September and apologize for any inconvenience we might have caused and look forward to filling your future orders in a timely manner.

As a token of apology, we are waving all delivery charges. Upon receipt of your order, please send an email (Subject:Delay) with your name and order number and your delivery charges will be refunded and will also be sent a 50% off discount code for your next order.

Thank you for shopping with us and we look forward to serving you again.

Sarah Newman
Wheysupps Support

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Did you order the 1lb free sample in this thread or something else? Also, how long after you emailed them was it before you got the reply?

8 days after ordering to get that email ^^^

Class action lawsuit?!?

; )

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Yep, I just ordered the 1 lb free sample through this thread. I never asked for a follow up after receiving the order confirmation but I ordered the sample 9 days ago.

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Yeah I’m not messing around with this anymore…I’d recommend anybody who “purchased” this to cancel whatever card they put it on and watch your accounts.

I already filed a claim with my CC company in regards to them.

Whenever purchasing from questionable sites you should use a virtual credit card. is a great free service


I am so behind the tech times, never heard of this. Thank you for posting this will start to take advantage when needed.

Thanks for the link

Capital One has ENOS and Bank of America has Shopsafe. Although I think BoA sent me an email saying that they are discontinuing Shopsafe virtual CC numbers sometime this month.

Anyhow, their checkout system is back working. It still says that they are preparing my order. I sent them an email yesterday. Since I ordered on the 11th, I’ll give them 7 days to update tracking or answer the email I sent. The pending $33 charge posted today so I’ll lock that virtual number. I’m still skeptical of getting 5lb tubs of ON Gold Standard for $10 each. But then again, last year I got those 4lb Cellucour tubs for $12 each. Hope I don’t get 3 tubs full of pissed on coffee creamer or ground up cat litter, LMAO…